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Short North Neighborhood Events/News May/June 2015

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Goodale Park Summer Walks & Talks

Cream-of-the-crop experts invited to participate

Rachel Tayse Baillieul © courtesy photo

Enjoy another round of Walks and Talks this year offering a series of presentations by experts on garden-related topics and informative walking tours organized by the Friends of Goodale Park with co-sponsor Borror Properties.

The meetings take place in the Goodale Park Caretaker’s Residence at 6:30 p.m., with a 30-minute tour of the park (tours will vary for each event). One-hour speaker presentations will begin at 7 p.m. Guests are asked to meet at the northwest entrance of the Caretaker’s Residence in the center of Goodale Park. Help yourself to refreshments and light snacks. All tours and presentations are free and open to the public.

Wednesday, July 8: “Building an Herbal Wellness Kit” presented by Brooke Sackenheim, mgr, Ohio Herb Education Center

Every kitchen herbalist has a couple of simple remedies to turn to when minor aid is needed. Be prepared! Everyday herbs such as peppermint, ginger, calendula, chamomile and lavender can easily double as a fix for minor scrapes, bug bites and bruises. Learn how simple salves, essential oils, liniments, and tea bags can find a place next to your bandages in your first aid kit.

Wednesday, July 22: Mixing Edibles and Ornamentals (Palms and Peppers among the Petunias) Dr. Mark Miller, Community Outreach & Education Manager, Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

In this presentation, we’ll take an innovative approach to making your garden truly functional. Join us as we learn about a wide range of topics revolving around mixed-use gardens. Some of the themes we’ll visit are “Mixing and Matching Edibles and Ornamentals,” “Cultural Considerations,” “Space Issues,” “Making Your Edibles Attractive,” “Companion Planting,” “Crop Rotation,” “Making Your Garden Truly Low-Maintenance,” and “Attracting the Good Guys.”

Wednesday, August 12: Urban Homesteading presented by Rachel Tayse Baillieul, co-owner Swainway Urban Farm

Homesteading is a way of life where you provide as many resources for yourself as possible. Urban homesteaders make the most of limited space and community to grow food, keep livestock, and tread lightly on the earth. Learn how Columbus resident Rachel Tayse Baillieul has grown her homestead in the city and be inspired to fulfill your gardening, food preserving, resource efficiency, and animal husbandry goals.

Wed., August 19: Summer Tree Tour Rick Frantz, GIS Analyst, City of Dublin, FGP Trustee and Volunteer Arborist

What's the deal with Goodale's trees? Why do we post about them so much?It's because we have a great collection of trees that we're really proud of! Want to learn more? Join board member and arborist Rick Frantz as he shares interesting facts about some of the park's trees. Historical notes, medicinal uses and peculiarities will be noted so there's something for everyone. The only thing you'll need to know prior is that you have an appreciation for trees!

Wed., October 14: Autumn Tree Tour (Rain Date: October 18) Rick Frantz, GIS Analyst, City of Dublin, FGP Trustee and Volunteer Arborist

There's no better time for trees than the fall! (OK, maybe when the magnolias are in bloom, that's better, but autumn is a solid second!) Board member and arborist Rick Frantz is back with a brand-new tree tour filled with fall and folklore. Join us for a wonderful walk in Goodale Park.

Since 1987, the Friends of Goodale Park has worked diligently to preserve, maintain and enhance Goodale Park. To learn more, visit www.goodalepark.org or email Julie at volunteercoordinator@goodalepark.org


Harrison West
Public art finalists will join neighbors at community potluck

By Matthew Williams

Sure, Columbus rings July in with Red, White and BOOM! But this year, July is going to end with a bang, too. On Saturday, July 25, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Harrison Park Condos Community Center, the Harrison West Society, in partnership with the Columbus Public Art Program, will host a community potluck to kick off open voting for a public artwork in Harrison Park. The art budget is $90,000 with funding provided by the Harrison West Society and the Columbus Public Art Program. The piece will be the last of five art pieces originally planned for the park.

Administered by the city, a call for artists was issued in November 2014. Ohio artists were invited to submit examples of their past work, and more than 20 artists responded. Their submissions were reviewed by an art advisory panel consisting of neighborhood representatives, nonparticipating artists, a design professional, a member of the Columbus Art Commission (CAC) and a nonvoting advisory representative from the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

The panel was charged with recommending three artists to create site-specific public-art proposals for the park. The qualifications of the artist finalists were then submitted to the CAC – who has code- required approval authority over any art placed on city property or in the public right of way – for review and approval.

The three finalists – Jon Barlow Hudson, Todd Kime, and Xan Palay – will be on hand to present their proposals and explain their visions for a work of public art in Harrison Park. After the presentations, attendees will be able to talk with the artists, vote for their favorite proposal, and enjoy treats prepared by their neighbors. (And of course, crow about their own tasty recipes!)

Voting will continue online through August 7 on a website sponsored by the city. Voters will be able to watch recordings of the artists’ proposals online as well, so keep an eye on harrisonwest.org for more information on the voting website.

The proposal with the most votes will be announced on the Harrison West and city of Columbus websites in mid-August, after which, the proposal will be submitted to the CAC for conceptual approval. Once this approval is secured, the Columbus Department of Development will enter into contract with the artist and determine a timetable for completion. The goal will be to have the final sculpture installed in summer 2016.

Please plan to dust off your art-critic hat, whip up your best shareable dish and join us on Saturday, July 25, 2015, from 6 until 9 p.m. in the Harrison Park Condos Community Center, 575 W. First Ave. Let’s meet some artists and nosh and mingle and celebrate this exciting step forward for Harrison West.

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