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Dis 'n' Data
By Margaret Marten, Editor
APRIL 2010


On May 31, Monkeys Retreat will be closing their shop at 1202 N. High St. after nearly 15 years in their current location. Monkey owners Stan Bobrof, Darryl Mendelson and Ro-z Mendelson have operated the business in Columbus for over 30 years, and their entrepreneurial efforts extend even further back, beginning with Charlie’s Guitar at E. 13th and High, followed by Positively Fourth Street, then Absolutely Positively Fourth Street, before Monkeys Retreat opened in the University District at 2400 N. High. The monkeys moved the alternative literature bookstore to the Short North in 1996. Their colorful history is documented by Jennifer Hambrick in a December 2007 Short North Gazette feature story, accessible on our Web site. Meanwhile, a number of events are scheduled at the shop throughout April and May, including sales, liquidations and giveaways of merchandise and fixtures. Live bands will be featured over the coming weeks and a grand party is scheduled during Gallery Hop on Saturday, May 1. You can catch a performance by the Mendelsonics (Darryl and Ro-z’s band) at Rumba Cafe on Friday, April 9 at 7 p.m. A lot of activity – and growth – for the monkeys is sure to continue after they are let loose at the end of May. Their presence and community activism have given the neighborhood some rich monkey history to hold onto. That much remains, but we’ll miss having them around.

That’s all I know.

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