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July/August 2016


Landscape 15.9, relief inks on paper, 3.5x3.75 in, by Alice Carpenter. Her work is on view at Sherrie Gallerie July 24 - August 30.

BRANDT-ROBERTS GALLERIES, 642 N. High St., 614-223-1655. Hours: T-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-4. JUL/AUG: New seasonal works by several of the gallery’s marquee artists, including Mark Gingerich, Michelle Y. Williams, Christopher Burk, and Sally Tharp. In addition, new historic works from represented estates, including Glenn Rothman and Robert King, both former OSU professors of art. Visit

*COLUMBUS MUSEUM OF ART, 480 E. Broad St., 614-221-6801. Regular Hours: T-W, Th 10-8:30, Art 360°. Each artist transformed an ostrich egg into a work of great beauty that references art history such as the Imperial Easter eggs crafted by Peter Carl Fabregé or beeswax-decorated Ukrainian pysanky eggs. For more information visit Spin Art (ends AUG 21) Spin Art features vinyl record album cover designs showing how the crossover between music and visual arts can inspire creative innovation. Selected covers define the visual identity of a musician, record label, or musical genre. Also included are covers that are the result of close collaboration between graphic designer and musician. The exhibition showcases albums by musicians including Pink Floyd, Funkadelic, Run the Jewels, and Sonic Youth, to name just a few. And designs by Andy Warhol, Roger Dean, Winston Smith, Gerhard Richter, and many more artists. Picasso: The Great War, Experimentation, and Change (ends SEPT 11) examines the dramatic fluctuations in Picasso’s style during the period surrounding the WWI from 1912 to 1924. The show brings together some 50 works from major American and European museums and private collections, including paintings, drawings, watercolors, and costumes designed for the avant-garde ballet, Parade; and pieces by his friends and contemporaries. The exhibition looks closely at the strange ambivalence characterizing his wartime production, exploring it in connection with changes to his personal life, with his misgivings about cubism, and with the political meanings ascribed to cubism during the war. Greater Columbus (ends NOV 6) Work by artists based in central Ohio recognized by the Arts Council for their outstanding talent and ability, including recipients of the 2015 Individual Artist Fellowship Awards or Dresden Residency: Lisa Belsky and Lance Thompson, Glen Holland, Gabe Michael Kenney, Jason Schwab, Jill Raymundo, and Janis Mars Wunderlich. New York-based artist Lucy Raven organized a show drawn from CMA collections combining photography, animation, and sound to investigate industrial systems and image ends NOV 27) The artist was inspired by works in the Photo League Collection, the Philip J. and Suzanne Schiller Collection of American Social Commentary Art, 1930 – 1970, and the Museum’s archive that depict labor.

CREATIVE PLUG, THE, 1253 N. High St. Art and event space/boutique. Artists transform the back walls of their building with public art each month during Look Out Graffiti Jam on Gallery Hop day.Check out upcoming events on Facebook

HAIKU POETIC FOOD & ART, 800 N High St, 614-294-8168. JUL: Oriana Hirschberg. AUG: Rebecca Copper.

HAMMOND HARKINS GALLERIES, 641 N. High St. 614-238-3000. Gallery Hours: T-Sat 10-6, Sun 1-5. JUN 17 - JUL 17: Cats and Dogs: Photos of Tony Mendoza He taught at the Ohio State University from 1988 until his retirement in 2013. His most famous book, Ernie, is a photographic memoir centered on a cat he encountered when he moved into an apartment in New York City. JUL 22 - SEPT 4: Surfaces: a group exhibition featuring works by Laura Alexander, Marcia Smilack, Mariana Smith, Kaveri Raina, and Alteronce Gumby. Each artist’s work addresses the theme “surfaces,” which may be defined any number of ways: in terms of medium (i.e. painting or printmaking), socially (i.e. race), or, in a general sense, as a concept with different applications in the creative process. Alteronce Gumby is the featured artist. A 2016 graduate of Yale University School of Art, he does performance, ceramic works, and abstract painting. His paintings, featured along with a selection of ceramics, are composed of lines and angles that are extractions on the head of the iconic Claymation cartoon character Gumby, which shares his family name, the origins of which he knows little. Other aspects of his identity involve his position socially/artistically as a young black male from a working-class background. However, the artist’s work is not anchored in such identifiers. Though his paintings are a critique on race, identity politics, and social structures, the emphasis is not on race or personal identity alone, but on a transcendence of social identity. Focus is on the reference of color and negotiating the politics in abstraction. Laura Alexander creates works of layered cut paper that are abstract in nature and reference the medium painting. However, unlike abstract painting, which historically embraced the surface of the canvas as a material reality, Alexander’s works in a sense dematerialize: they are composed of real light and shadows and reflective color. Kaveri Raina, a 2016 graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, creates installation art and paintings informed by her Indian heritage and earliest memories. She often uses spices for their cultural and sensual associations. In painting, Raina explores the medium in terms of its flatness as an alterable material surface. Recent explorations of hers include using burlap instead of canvas or incorporating burlap within sections of cutout stretched canvas. When using burlap, Raina forces paint through the backside rather than painting directly on the front of the painting. Mariana Smith is a printmaker who creates installation and video art addressing immigrant experiences of displacement and exile. She incorporates several types of printmaking within a single work, often including the plate itself, usually altered, from which she created her prints. Marcia Smilack is a photographer who takes photos of reflections in moving water and on other reflective surfaces. Her images are informed by the perceptual phenomenon synesthesia, which is the comingling of senses. For her, a photographic image printed on a flat surface might read as a musical score. OPENING reception: Fri., JUL 22, 5 – 8 pm. Visit

JOSEPH EDITIONS, 17 W. Russell St., 614-280-4223. Hours: T-F 12-6p, Sat 12-5p. JUL/AUG: Homestead: Kurt Lightner's first exhibition in Columbus in 5 years. This body of work is a doubly meaningful return for the artist — a return to painting and a return to his roots as he looks back on the landscape of his childhood. Carefully constructed out of seemingly floating forms and non-objective color, these are hauntingly beautiful portraits of pastoral life. Lightner was born in Troy, Ohio. He received his BFA from CCAD, and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts, NYC. He currently lives and works in New York City. Lightner's works are included in many private and public collections both nationally and internationally. His work has been exhibited at PS1 MOMA; the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art; Queens Museum, New York; and has been reviewed by Artforum, Art in America, Artnews, New York Times, and The New Yorker. He has been a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, and The Headlands Center for the Arts Project Studio Residency in San Francisco. Please contact the gallery for images, information and pricing. We will be scheduling a talk by Pizzuti Collection Assistant Curator, Dr. Greer Pagano for a date TBD in mid-August. Reception with artist: Fri., JUL 22, 5-8 pm. Visit

JUNG ASSOCIATION GALLERY, 59 W 3rd Ave., 614-291-8050. T-Sat 11-2 (call first) or appt. JUL 9 - SEPT 24: Lynda McClanahan presents Sights & Signs, portraying through her oil paintings a wistful contemplation on the status of women, the earth and the human condition. Through her artwork Lynda provokes thought regarding the way things are, and questions whether or not we like how things are. This exhibit is funded by a grant from the Puffin Foundation West, LTD. Opening reception: Sat., July 9, 12:30-2p. Since 1989, the Jung Association Gallery has been presenting artwork representative of Carl G. Jung’s belief in the healing nature of expressive arts, often artwork that reveals journeys of individuation and creativity. Visit

LINDSAY GALLERY, 986 N High St, 614-291-1973. W-Sat 12-6, appt. JUL: Dual Nature: New paintings from Nashville artist Harry Underwood, a painter known for portraying a culture of leisure and conformity that exaggerates life in the American south. Produced with house paint and pencil on wood panels, the paintings emphasize evocative colors and bold lines. Each composition is augmented with passages of text that read as monologues or farcical sermons on ethics and behavior. He was born during 1969 in Miami and raised in the rural "Redlands" farming area near Homestead. His father was a carpenter and his mother worked at a supermarket. He has one sister. With his family he attended the Church of God pentecostal church until 1982. As a teenager he cleaned swimming pools at many of the motels in the area and bussed tables at the Capri Italian Restaurant in Florida City. Uprooted by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 he lived in New Orleans and Austin, eventually settling in Nashville where he worked in the construction industry until 2005. Self taught in art, he began painting pictures fifteen years ago while working as a flooring installer. His artwork has since been shown by galleries in United States, France and England. AUG: Our annual fundraiser for Annie's Fund for the Creative Arts. Paintings and sound installation by Robert Falcone. Blown glass by Andy Hudson. Robert Falcone  Based on "Parrots in Captivity" (1887) by William Thomas Greene, these oil paintings are copies of color-printed wood-engraved plates (chromoxylographs) by Benjamin Fawcett  from drawings by A. F. Lydon of specimens collected (killed) during the turn of the 19th Century. They represent five degrees of separation from the living bird.  Andy Hudson Andy Hudson's blown glass vases pick up the flowing vibrant colors in Falcone's parrot paintings. A longtime presence on the Columbus art scene, Hudson is one of the original founders of Glass Axis Studio. Visit

MARCIA EVANS GALLERY, 8 East Lincoln St, 614-298-8847. T-Sat 11-5, occasional Sundays and by appointment. Ends AUG 31: Summer Show of Abstracts: 12 abstract artists represented by and new to the gallery. The summer show is ongoing with alternating art. Ellis Beckwith, Michael Halliday, Simon La Bozetta, Kate Morgan, Chris Pemberton, Annette Poitau, Judy Romanello, Robert Tavani, JT Thompson, Roger Williams and Matt Wolcott.

*OHIO CRAFT MUSEUM, 1665 W. 5th Ave., 614-486-4402. M-F 10-5, Sat-Sun 1-4. JUL 10 - AUG 21: Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art: This powerful exhibition breaks down social stigmas surrounding mental health issues and offers an opportunity to understand mental health through fine craft. Organized by the Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh. Visit

*OHIO ARTS COUNCIL’S RIFFE GALLERY, State and High Downtown, 614-644-9624. M - W and F 10-6, Th 10-8, Sat 11-4, closed Sun. Earthy Delights: (AUG 4 - OCT 9) - 15 contemporary Ohio photographers capture Earth's curiosities. Darren Baker ( Waverly); Robert Ladislas Derr (Columbus); Javier Gutierrez (Columbus); Virginia Kistler (Gahanna); Paula Willmot Kraus (Oakwood); Kent Krugh (Fairfield); Joseph Minek (Lakewood); Emily Hanako Momohara (Cincinnati); Deborah Orloff (Sylvania); Jeannette Palsa (Hudson); Ricky Rhodes (Lakewood); Mark Slankard ( Rocky River); Jordan Tate (Cincinnati); Jessica Wascak (Lakewood); Emily Joy Zelle (Gambier); Curated by Marcella Hackbardt (Kenyon College). Opening reception, Thurs., AUG 4, 5 - 7 p.m. Curator's tour, Fri., AUG 5, noon - 1 p.m.

PIZZUTI COLLECTION, 632 N. Park St., 614-280-4004. Hrs: F-Sat 11-5. Robert Buck: States of America (Ends SEPT 4) Solo exhibition spanning the entire career of the artist who began as Robert Beck and continued under his changed name of Buck. Drawings, sculpture, video and installation work reflect the artist’s sensitive investigations into how we respond to the diverse social and cultural challenges today. Patricia Dominguez: Eres un Princeso (Ends SEPT 4) Chilean artist Patricia Dominguez’ large-scale video installation investigates the meanings invested in Spanish horses once owned by Colombian drug lords. The rich and compelling installation tackles the relationship between contemporary culture, humans, and nature. Her piece explores these animals as powerful possessions and remnants of a colonial past; not only do the horses take on a quasi-mythical status thanks to their associations with criminal culture, they are celebrated for their otherness as animals that differ due to gait and style of presentation. The Pizzuti Collection is a non-profit exhibition space presenting contemporary art from the collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti. Visit:

PM GALLERY, 1190 N High St, 614-299-0860. JUL: Hummers, photographs by Richard Northrup, along with work from artists Stephanie Parnes and Katherine Woods.The pm gallery offers work of over 300 North American artisans and artists: Blown glass, pottery for daily use or decoration, jewelry, kaleidoscopes, wooden boxes and cutting boards, bell, chimes, outdoor whimsies – all made by hand in the U.S. or Canada. AUG: Featuring In The Garden etchings by Columbus artist Susan Sturgill through September 30. Visit

RIVET GALLERY, 1200 N. High St., 614-294-8697. T-Sat 12-7; Sun 12-5. JUL: Chasing Ghosts: Art of Macsorro: As a self-taught artist living in Los Angeles, Macsorro, is stirring the pot with his take on the pop surrealist movement. Gaining inspiration from artists like Jan Van Eyck, Hieronymus Bosch, and Mark Ryden, he is able to create imaginative paintings that often contain a light-hearted mashup of societies foibles. His style is riddled with personal and profound symbolic imagery. AUG: Into the Thicket: The Artwork of Patrick Wayner. “The goal of this is to let you into my world for just a little bit. ... Conceptualizing an idea, growing it, watching it flourish and then stepping back and looking at something that was only previously a thought, is the best feeling in the world to me. I love the feeling of free handing a line from start to finish, the way the blade sounds against wood, and the smell of that freshly cut wood. I love matching colors to create different moods, cutting patterns to create texture and giving my illustrations life. I create images that are multi-layered, expressing texture with each different layer. I use a combination of vintage maps, wood, ink and spray paint. I create my own canvases and frames using new and reclaimed wood.

ROY G BIV GALLERY for Emerging Artists, a non-profit gallery located at 997 N High, 614-297-7694. W-F 3-6, Sat 1-5. Founded in 1989, ROY G BIV is known for showcasing innovative contemporary art by emerging artists from around the world. JUL: Work by Rachel Yurkovich and Kate Ball. (Ball Statement) “I make stop-motion animations about various uses of animals in culture. I’m especially interested in the confusing and slippery implications of cross-species relationships, and uncanny moments of interaction. In one of my animations, a taxidermy bird meets a flock of live birds. In another a squirrel halts abruptly, pauses, releases a blood-curdling human scream of existential angst, then continues on its way. The animations I create explore the delusions and illusions of human-animal interactions, where curiosity and compassion result in monstrosity and perversion. To make my animations, I cut out paper characters from my etchings and collagraphs, then collect materials like circus peanuts, rainbow sprinkles, false eyelashes, fabric and leaves to make the sets and props. I imitate the look of a child’s play-space or children’s book with exaggerated textures, simple shapes and movement. I use a low frame-rate because I want my animations to look like an awkward kid banging the Barbie and Ken dolls together. The viewer is the voyeur in this play- session, drawn in by the intimacy of the space, the nostalgic dream-scape created by the soundtrack, and the childish puppets. (Yurkovich Statement) “I frame instances of uninhibited consumption and the damaging consequences they often bring. This involves the use of insects and animals as allegorical stand-ins for human situations of desire, indulgence and self-destruction. I experiment with the conditions of the life of these beings by setting up situations in which allegories occur. For this I use the symbolic as material, shifting one’s perception between content that is visually unnerving and intriguing. I look to the story of Adam and Eve with their forbidden consumption of the fruit that brought sin and death into the world, as the original occurrence of the instances I am investigating.”The organisms portrayed in my work lack self-awareness of the fact that the consumed substance may be harmful. The desired substance ends up in a way consuming the living organism through gaining control over their actions or luring them into a trap. This is evident in the way the fruit flies in Eat, Drink, and be Merry follow their peers’ same mistakes and fall into the wine to drown. Through the work people will be exposed to another way of seeing themselves and their actions.” Artists’ talks and closing: Sat., JUL 30, at 2:30 pm. Visit

SEAN CHRISTOPHER GALLERY OHIO, 815 N High St, Ste H&N, 614-327-1344. 1st Sat. 6-10. Reg. Hrs: Sat 1:30-3:30, W-F 3:30-5:30, and M-Sun by appt. JUL/AUG: Ad Astra: To the Stars by Jes Moore. She received her BFA from Ohio Dominican University in 2015. Reception AUG 6 Gallery Hop, 6-10pm.

SHARON WEISS GALLERY, 20 E Lincoln St, 614-291-5683 or 614-252-5137. Open Th 12-4, F-Sat 12-5, Sun 1-4. JUL: Salon Show of new works by gallery artists. AUG: First solo exhibit for Taylor Leaman, a 2011 CCAD graduate with an MFA from Indiana University in 2015 living in Chicago. Oil painting, graphite drawing, pen and ink drawing, collage, and watercolor. "This body of work is more or less a continuation of what I have been pursuing since my undergraduate studies. My focus has been to try and express the beauty and excitement in the seemingly banal spaces that surround us – spaces that we normally overlook while on our way to something else. ... I work in several different mediums, often with the same scene, to show that different characteristics can be expressed and how exciting an image can be when approached multiple ways. The nature of using different materials allows for different patterns and movements to emerge from each scene and proves just how unboring the "boring" aspects of our world are." Artist reception on AUG 5 from 6-8. Taylor will greet people on Gallery Hop AUG 6 also. Visit Visit

SHERRIE GALLERIE, 694 N High St, 614-221-8580. T-F 11-6; Sat 11-5; Sun 1-5. Ends JUL 17: Melinda Rosenberg combines her exceptional craftsmanship and distinct creativity to fill the gallery with unique forms and concepts in wood. JUL 24 - AUG 30: Introducing new gallery artist Alice Carpenter who works with relief inks on paper to create intimate, timeless, and contemplative scenes and landscapes. Often with a focus on nature, her images span from abstract to narrative. Visit

SHORT NORTH TAVERN, 674 N High St, 614-221-2432. JUL: Jen Bodine AUG: Arlo Moon SEPT: W.C Hemming

STUDIOS ON HIGH, 686 N High St, 614-461-6487. Daily 12-6, Sun 1-6. JUL: Seeking Balance: Regeneration Through Art. Seeking to find meaning, purpose, identity, and balance on a life path that is no longer familiar, artists Marty Husted and Jeanie Coy Auseon share images that express their journeys after personal loss. Also preview five works by artist commissioned by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners for the Greater Columbus Convention Center: Teda Theis, Marty Husted, Jeanie Auseon, Jessica Wojtasek and Kim Covell Maurer. Their work will be on view at the gallery during July before being installed in the convention center AUG:
Textures of Life. Ruth Ann Mitchell draws on family, friends, and place to make the connections of a full life. Her abstract syle includes ephemera and words buried beneath the final textures of her work. Visit

Edith Head & Company: Costumes and Jewelry 1924-2015 is showing at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio in Lancaster May 21 through August 14. Visit for details.

934FEST: 934 Gallery, 934 Cleveland Ave. (located in the Milo Arts District) is a volunteer-operated exhibition space for visual and performing arts. To further our mission of bringing relevant and engaging arts experiences to the Milo-Grogan neighborhood and the greater community of Columbus, 934 Gallery is hosting 934Fest on Sat. JUL 23 from 11-11, a benefit festival for the gallery’s continued operation. Live art, music, local vendors, food trucks, beer. Suggested donation $5. Open to all ages. Bike riding and car sharing is encouraged. Please be courteous to our neighbors if parking on nearby streets. Visit

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