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Big Head in the Green-Green Garden, 16" x 20" oil on canvas by Craig Carlisle. See Sharon Weiss Gallery.
THE ARCHIVE: Fine Art and Restoration, 815 N. High St., Ste B., 614-636-5206. Hours W-Sun 12-6. Vintage/mid-century/modern artwork displayed on rotation. Oil paintings, watercolors, charcoal drawings, lithographs, mixed media. On-site fine art restoration studio specializes in canvas and panel paintings. Visit and
BRANDT-ROBERTS GALLERIES, 642 N. High St., 614-223-1655. Hours T-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-4. MAR: In addition to outstanding new works by artists Kendric Tonn, Jason Morgan, and Bernard Palchick, the gallery will be presenting several new historic acquisitions. These paintings, ranging in date from 1945 to 1965, add to the modernist and impressionist pieces out of Scandinavia. APR: Works from the Glenn Rothman Estate: Rothman (1930-2007) taught at OSU and was a contemporary of several other Brandt-Roberts Galleries represented estates – Robert King (American, 1915-2001), E.F. Hebner (American, 1926-2010), and Al Newbill (American, 1920-2011). While later in his career he was recognized for video and digital works, Rothman previously pursued abstract and figurative painting. With an emphasis on expressive brushwork and harmonious blocks of color, his mid-century body of work is a stunning representation of modernism. An opening reception is scheduled from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on April 10. Visit

*COLUMBUS MUSEUM OF ART, 480 E. Broad St., 614-221-6801. T-W, Th 10-8:30, F 10-5, S-S 10-5:30. Shine On: Nurses in Art (MAR 20 to JUN 21) Through sculpture, paintings, textiles, prints, photographs, and posters that span centuries, Shine On celebrates the invaluable contribution that nurses have made to society. The innate capacity of humans to care for one another is fundamental to the practice of nursing and has been demonstrated in art that dates from ancient civilizations the world over. Equally integral to nursing is the much more recent notion that Florence Nightingale called “hard preparation.” That is the practical training, experience, and technical knowledge that is required of nursing professionals in response to the complexity of the human body and efforts to keep it well from birth through the aging process. Shine On brings together images of humans caring for one another, the professionalization of nursing that began in the nineteenth century, and the continuing vital and complex role that nurses play in our world today. Artists featured in the exhibition include Rembrandt van Rijn, Mary Cassatt, George Bellows, Romaine Brooks, Alfred Eisenstaedt, and Robert Vickrey. Visitors to the exhibition can also view an array of film clips demonstrating the portrayal of nurses in popular culture. At first glance, the colorful needlework collages in Fabric of Survival: The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz (APR 3 to JUN 14) seem to depict bucolic scenes of the Polish countryside. On closer examination, they tell a horrific tale of survival. Esther (1927-2001) and her younger sister Mania were the only members of their family, and among the few Jews in their Polish village, to survive the Holocaust. At the age of fifteen, Esther refused the Nazi order for the town’s Jews to report to a nearby railroad station for relocation. She and her sister separated from the family and never saw them again. In 1977, at the age of fifty, Esther began creating works of fabric art to depict her stories of survival. Over a twenty-year period, she created a collection of thirty-six needlework pictures that tell her remarkable story exquisitely and in great detail. Although she had no artistic training, Esther began sewing at a young age. The needlework pictures demonstrate her outstanding, technical skills and ability to create texture and dimensionality from a combination of complex stitches and imaginative design. At once beautiful and shocking, the story embedded in the layers of fabric compels us to understand the roles of victim, perpetrator, and bystander during this bleak chapter of history and reminds us of the continuing need to fight injustice and bigotry. In addition, Esther’s tapestries demonstrate the importance of needlework and fabric art as an important category of artistic expression that historically has been undervalued as “women’s work.” The exhibition has been scheduled to coincide with Yom Hashoah, the national Holocaust Day of Remembrance on April 15. The award-winning 30-minute documentary film, Through the Eye of the Needle, which presents Esther’s story in her own words, accompanies the exhibition. Supported by Ohio Humanities Council, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Columbus Jewish Foundation, and Puffin Foundation West. Visit

HAIKU POETIC FOOD & ART, 800 N High St, 614-294-8168. MAR: Works by Patrick Wayner. APR: Chris Blain

JUNG ASSOCIATION GALLERY, 59 W 3rd Ave., 614-291-8050. T-Sat 11-2 (call first) or appt. MAR/APR: Mandalas, Abstracts and Marblings, works by Ann Alaia Woods and Kathryn Bubenchik. Opening reception on Sat., Mar. 14 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm. Inspired by dreams and awakening the unconscious, these two Columbus artists share their personal expressions of what Jung called "the deepest springs of life." The mandalas created by Bubenchik are from her dreams and meditations. Mandalas are said to be symbolic pictorial representations of the universe, suggesting the collective unconscious. Woods "Abstracts" are a personal exploration of the collective unconscious through Classical mythology. Her marbled images were inspired by photographs taken by her daughter, Kathryn Woods Prentice, and delve into the expressive nature of water, referred to by Jung as "the commonest symbol for the unconscious." Visit

LINDSAY GALLERY, 986 N High St, 614-291-1973. W-Sat 12-6, appt. MAR/APR: Stitched Fervor, erotic art by Meghan Willis. Formerly of Columbus, Meghan Willis now lives and stitches her erotic art in Brooklyn, NY. Each piece is hand embroidered on linen with machine-stitched leather appliqués painted with acrylics. “I started out making ill-fitting clothes to dress my Barbie dolls. Now I work in the New York apparel industry by day and explore the art of undressing, movement and sensuality by night.”

LITTLE FISH PRINTING AND GALLERY, 1254 N. High St., 614-272-3251. Hours T-F 8-5, Sat 12-5. MAR/APR: Little Fish artists will share their fresh perspectives on popular culture phenomena in Pop! Little Fish Studios enable artists with disabilities to channel their creativity through uninhibited self-expression, while serving as a stepping-stone to promote artistic growth within the art community.

LUMOS COLUMBUS, 937 N. High St., 614-614-7449 Hours T-F 10-5. Lumos Columbus is a tech-art gallery intermixed with a start-up incubator, offering interactive and exciting contemporary art. Lumos Columbus is now featuring Ty P. Carrol’s large and vivid Digital Landscapes, Tyler Bohm’s laser cut creations; including UV paint reactant work, “Desperately Trying To Recall The Way Things Were”, Richard Clarkson’s interactive The Cloud, and K. Malone’s 3D pen drawings. Please join us and see these works for yourself. Fun for all ages!

MAC WORTHINGTON GALLERY OF CONTEMPORARY ART, 749 N High St, 614-294-7790. Sun 12-5, T-Th 2-7, F-Sat 11-7. MAR: Mac Worthington and Rocco Pisto. Also featuring Dusty Alexander, Tayler Brady, Christopher Cropper, Diane Grumbach, Norm Mieczkowski, Daniel Miller, Su Nimon, Joss Parker, Jan Peyser, Rocco Pisto, Lou Ratliff, Rick Salazar, Becky Slonaker, Lynn Spaulding, Rich Small, Rona Stelzer, Christopher Wilson, Mac Worthington, and David Yarnall. APR: Abstract Dimensions, work of Mac Worthington and Brad Brunstetter. Also featuring the art of Dusty Alexander, Tayler Brady, Christopher Cropper, Diane Grumbach, Norm Mieczkowski, Daniel Miller, Su Nimon, Joss Parker, Jan Peyser, Rocco Pisto, Lou Ratliff, Becky Slonaker, Lynn Spaulding, Rich Small, Rona Stelzer, Christopher Wilson, Mac Worthington, and David Yarnall. Opening: Saturday, April 4, 11a-10p. Reception: Sat., Apr. 18, 6-9pm.

MARCIA EVANS GALLERY, 8 East Lincoln St, 614-298-8847. T-Sat 11-5. MAR: Works by Cody Heichel whose show is in conjunction with painter Michael Guinane at Sharon Weiss Gallery. APR/MAY: Solo show for Annette Poitau with her Environmental Abstracts. This solo show will present new paintings with a variety of colors rich in texture and true to her natural forms representative of the earth including water and sky and elements of the human body. Visit

*OHIO CRAFT MUSEUM, 1665 W. 5th Ave., 614-486-4402. M-F 10-5, Sat-Sun 1-4. Beyond Materials: Pushing the Boundaries of Basketry ENDS MAR 22: Showcasing the work of six international contemporary basketmakers, focusng on the work of renowned artist Dorothy Gill Barnes. Combining traditional techniques with modern materials and form, the powerful result will stretch the limits of how we define basketry. AND FOCUS EXHIBITION: Offerings from the Southwest: Contemporary jewelry selected by curator Ruth Lantz during her travels to the region. MAD CRAFTSMEN GALA: APR 11, 7:30 - 10:30. Check out the swanky digs in our 1960s era building. We’re traveling back in time Mad-Crafts-Men style. “Don” your coolest mid-century fashions – cocktail couture and pearls, skinny ties, fedoras, and Madison Avenue suits. By attending this shindig, you’ll be supporting the museum’s great exhibitions and education programs. Visit

*OHIO ARTS COUNCIL’S RIFFE GALLERY, State and High Downtown, 614-644-9624. T 10-4, W,F 10-5:30, Th 10-8, Sat - Sun 12-4. ENDS APR 12: In a tribute to the Ohio Arts Council's (OAC) 50th anniversary, OAC's Riffe Gallery kicks off 2015 with a milestone exhibition: A Century of Ohio Watercolor, Produced by the Southern Ohio Museum, Portsmouth (SOM) and curated by SOM Artistic Director Charlotte Gordon, the exhibition will span the years 1915-2015 and showcase over 45 Ohio artists working in the versatile medium of watercolor. Artists include August Biehle, Emerson Burkhardt, Clarence Carter, Earl Jack, Cody Heichel, Alice Schille, and many more. Award-winning author Lucrecia Guerrero will lead an adult writing workshop on Thurs., APR 2, 5:30–8:30 p.m. that will help bring personal experiences and memories to life using senses to recall details. Please register in advance through March 31.

PALNIK STUDIOS, 14 E Lincoln St, 614-298-8496. T-Sun 12:30-5. The Clown and The Sage/The Cartoon Art of Paul Palnik. The fine art of the cartoon. Palnik delightfully reveals the profound and the absurd. Paul Palnik’s graphics, prints, and original drawings.

PIZZUTI COLLECTION, 632 N. Park St., 614-280-4004. Hrs: F-Sat 11-5. NOW-ism: Abstraction Today (Ends June 20, 2015) 21st century painting, sculpture, video and furnishings featuring international emerging stars Sarah Cain, Diana Al-Hadid and Florian Meisenberg and established artists Ann Hamilton, Jim Hodges, Miami-based Teresita Fernández, Jason Middlebrook, Carrie Moyer and Pia Fries. More than 100 works spanning all three floors of the space. Ori Gersht: Portraits is a film series by the highly acclaimed Israeli-born, London-based artist. A series of three video portraits will be on view, each connecting moments of quiet contemplation with difficult histories and anguished realties. Tomory Dodge, a mini-exhibition within NOW-ISM: Abstraction Today, features joyous and exuberant paintings, collages, prints, and watercolors by the Los Angeles based artist. Campana Brothers: Brazilian Design Now (Feb.7 - June 2015) Columbus’s first glimpse of work by the Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana. The exhibition celebrates their innovative, outlandish and smart furnishings, including chairs made out of fuzzy stuffed animals and a couch formed by leather alligator dolls. Sometimes utilizing traditional techniques like hand-weaving and often using unexpected or repurposed materials, the brothers turn everyday things into puzzlingly beautiful objects. The Pizzuti Collection is a non-profit exhibition space dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art from the collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti. Visit:

PM GALLERY, 1190 N High St, 614-299-0860. Hours: T-Wed 11-6, Th-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-5. MAR: Last Hurrah, paintings by Paul Volker APR: Paintings by Charles Wince. The pm gallery offers the work of over 300 North American artisans and artists: Blown glass, pottery for daily use or decoration, jewelry, kaleidoscopes, wooden boxes and cutting boards, bell, chimes, outdoor whimsies – all made by hand in the U.S. or Canada. Visit

RIVET GALLERY, 1200 N. High St., 614-294-8697. T-Sat 12-7; Sun 12-5. MAR: The art of Brooke Rothshank (Goshan, IN), a painter/illustrator working in a variety of media including watercolor, oil, acrylic and egg tempera paint. Kevin Winter (London, UK). APR: The art of Jose Pulido (Los Angeles). Visit to read more about the artists

ROY G BIV GALLERY for Emerging Artists, a non-profit gallery located at 997 N High, 614-297-7694. W-F 3-6, Sat 1-5. MAR: Work of Nick Fagan and Joseph Lupo. Joseph Lupo removes the figures and text from comics to deconstruct their visual design and narrative. Nick Fagan examines the residue of suburban culture through combining abstract textures with narrative fragments. An artists’ talk on Sat., Mar. 28 at 2:30 p.m. APR: Work of Liz Roberts and Elena Harvey Collins. Artists’ talk on Sat., Apr. 25, at 2:30 p.m. As always, free admission and open to the public. Visit

SEAN CHRISTOPHER GALLERY OHIO, 815 N High St, Ste H&N, 614-291-5890. 1st Sat. 6-10. Reg. Hrs: Sat 1:30-3:30, W-F 3:30-5:30, and M-Sun by appt. MAR: Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio Thirteenth Anniversary Exhibition, Concentration 7: An Annual Portfolio Selection from Fort Hayes Arts & Academic High School Advanced Placement Students, curated by Teresa Weidenbusch, Fort Hayes art teacher and director of the Shot Tower Gallery. APR: Maria K. DiFranco: Noiseless Growth, a solo exhibition of new performance and installation art. Ohio State University MFA teaching assistant, Maria K. DiFranco, will preview new performance and installation artworks. Her Noiseless Growth Live Premiere performance is set for the April 4 Gallery Hop reception, 6-10 pm. She received her BFA in printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design (2010). Her art is featured as part of the Short North Arts District's Mini Mural Competition 2014.

SHARON WEISS GALLERY, 20 E Lincoln St, 614-291-5683 or 614-252-5137. Open Th 12-4, F-Sat 12-5, Sun 1-4. MAR: Latest Works by Michael Guinane. APR: Craig Carlisle’s new works. Opening reception on Fri., Apr. 3 from 6-8p. Visit

SHERRIE GALLERIE, 694 N High St, 614-221-8580. T-F 11-6; Sat 11-5; Sun 1-5. MAR 1-21: A selection of works from a recent show at Art Palm Beach, an international contemporary art fair in Florida: colorful abstract painting and sculpture from artist Russ Vogt, figurative ceramic sculpture of Calvin Ma, and the blown and carved Italian glass work of Mattia and Marco Salvadore. MAR 22 - APR 30: “From the Studio,” an exhibition of rare and one-of-a-kind works by Sid Chafetz. Opening on the eve of what would have been the artist’s 93rd birthday, the show will honor his unique perspective and incredible talent. Visit

SHORT NORTH TAVERN, 674 N High St, 614-221-2432. MAR: Kate Wight, mixed media. APR: W.C. Hemming’s paintings

STONE VILLAGE CHURCH GALLERY, 139 E. 2nd Ave, 614-579-5493. MAR/APR: David Gentilini, and his haunting cityscape exhibit, We Only Come Out Art Night.

STUDIOS ON HIGH, 686 N High St, 614-461-6487. Daily 12-6, Sun 1-6. MAR: Midwinter's Dream: Interpretation of Season. This twice-yearly show gives new Ohio artists an opportunity to showcase their art through an open call for work. Hit the Hop features a rotating set of themes for each juried show. APR: Germination, new work by watercolor artist Helen Neumann with a spring theme. Helen will be at the Gallery Hop April 4th to explain her creative process. “When the earth starts to warm up and seedlings that slept all winter emerge into full sun light, we become light hearted and can't wait to play outside again.“ Helen is a native of Hawaii, growing up, her family lived simply, on the beach with ocean color, flowers, clouds and beauty all around. Visit

ZENCHA TEA SALON, 782 N. High St. MAR/APR: A Progressive 5-Venue Spring Art Exhibit B.R.A.V.E. – Being Radically Authentic and Vocally Expressive presents the many faces of human trafficking and the need for prevention and healing. Sponsored by The Hope and Liberation Coalition (HLC), the exhibit serves as a forum for education and prevention while demonstrating support for human trafficking victims everywhere. This marks the start of the HLC's 1-2-year series of events that form its Healing Arts Tour. ZenCha Tea Salons in the Short North, Downtown and Bexley will feature the human trafficking exhibit only, while viewers may enjoy additional artwork on display in current exhibits at three art centers: The Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center, the King Arts Complex, and the Cultural Arts Center (CAC). For more information, call (614) 214-4998, email and visit and

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