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THE ARCHIVE: Fine Art and Restoration, 815 N. High St., Ste B., 614-636-5206. Hours W-Sun 12-6. Vintage/mid-century/modern artwork displayed on rotation. Oil paintings, watercolors, charcoal drawings, lithographs, mixed media. On-site fine art restoration studio specializes in canvas and panel paintings. Visit and

Winter Scene on the Licking River ©
by Bryan Roberts at Brandt-Roberts Galleries

BRANDT-ROBERTS GALLERIES, 642 N. High St., 614-223-1655. Hours T-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-4. JAN/FEB: In addition to outstanding new works by gallery artists, Brandt-Roberts Galleries will be presenting several new paintings by Bryan Roberts, the gallery’s co-founder. Mr. Roberts's serene landscapes depict rural Ohio in autumn and winter and are created in a variety of sizes. Visit

*COLUMBUS MUSEUM OF ART, 480 E. Broad St., 614-221-6801. T-W, Th 10-8:30, F 10-5, S-S 10-5:30. Paul-Henri Bourguignon: 50th-Anniversary Retrospective (Ends Jan. 18) In 1964, the Columbus Museum of Art held an exhibition of the work of Belgian artist Paul-Henri Bourguignon (1906–1988). Fifty years later the museum celebrates the work of this talented visual artist, who was a prolific writer and journalist, a skillful photographer, and an avid observer of the human condition. In _ We Trust: Art and Money (Ends Mar. 1, 2015) Money. It is a simple fact of everyday life, as well as, a fundamental principal of our social, political, and economic order. It is a medium of exchange, an index and store of value, and a universal equivalent into which most anything can dissolve. It connects, defines, and divides nations. It is pocket change and dead presidents. It is the key to happiness and the root of all evil. It has no intrinsic value apart from what we’ve given it. Money is an idea, a social contract, and one that depends on frequently-tested collective emotional states like trust, faith, and confidence. With work by more than 20 artists and collectives from diverse international backgrounds, the exhibition In __ We Trust addresses this complex nature of money, as well as, its relationship to art. Works in the exhibition take currency as a material or subject, involve transactions, precious materials, and alternative forms of exchange. Anchored by select pieces from previous decades, the exhibition focuses on work made since the 2008 financial crisis. Artists include JSG Boggs, Sarah Cain, Susan Collis, Moyra Davey, e-flux Time/Bank, Claire Fontaine, Tom Friedman, Meschac Gaba, Ryan Gander, Roger Hiorns, William E. Jones, Komar & Melamid, Gabriel Kuri, Shane Mecklenburger, Cildo Meireles, Ester Partegas, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Superflex, Mark Wagner, Nari Ward, Andy Warhol and Robert Wechsler. Together, they explore issues of representation, value and exchange that have both personal and global impact. Mobile Photo Now (Feb. 26 to Mar. 22) highlighting the emerging art form of mobile photography, and the power of social media and smart phones as a means of creative expression. In the fall of 2012, CMA became the first museum in the world to present a curated, crowdsourced exhibition based on the photography app Instagram. Now the museum and the #jj community, the largest photo community on Instagram, present this worldwide mobile photography exhibition. Visit

HAIKU POETIC FOOD & ART, 800 N High St, 614-294-8168. JAN: Meagan Alwood. FEB: Patrick Wayner

JUNG ASSOCIATION GALLERY, 59 W 3rd Ave., 614-291-8050. T-Sat 11-2 (call first) or appt. JAN/FEB: JACO Annual Members Exhibition. Opening reception on Sat., Jan. 10 from 12:30 to 2 pm. A variety of media will be represented in the exhibit. Visit

LINDSAY GALLERY, 986 N High St, 614-291-1973. W-Sat 12-6, appt. JAN: Lindsay Gallery 15th Anniversary Show featuring some of the gallery artists over the years: Karl Mullen, Bill Miller, Harry Underwood, and introducing John Taylor-Lehman.

LUMOS COLUMBUS, 937 N. High St., 614-614-7449 Hours T-F 10-6, Sat 12-10, Sun 12-4. Lumos Columbus is a tech-art gallery intermixed with a start-up incubator, offering interactive and exciting contemporary art. Join Lumos for the debut of new work by Alan Price. Other artist work includes Tyler Bohm's laser cut wall sculptures, Lumos' Curator Kayla Malone's 3D pen-drawn sculptures, OSU's David Staley and Matt Lewis' 3D printed Data Sculpture, as well as selected OSU Game Design students showcasing their final projects. Paint BiNumbers and LizzyPopTronics will also be exhibiting their work along with our new teams, imaekgames, showcasing their game "CubeZ" and FR introducing a demo of their game "Light Knight."

MAC WORTHINGTON GALLERY OF CONTEMPORARY ART, 749 N High St, 614-294-7790. Sun 12-5, T-Th 2-7, F-Sat 11-7. JAN: 2015 Kickoff Show featuring the art of Mac Worthington and expressionism by Norm Mieczkowski. Also featuring art by Dusty Alexander, Tayler Brady Kathy Burden, Diane Grumbach, Jessica Hatczel, Daniel Miller, Vicki Murphy, Su Nimon, Joss Parker, Jan Peyser, Rocco Pisto, Lou Ratliff, Jennifer Shelton, Becky Slonaker, Lynn Spaulding, Rona Stelzer and David Yarnall. FEB: Follow the Heart: Romance featuring the art of Mac Worthington and paintings by Jennifer Shelton. Also featuring art by Dusty Alexander, Tayler Brady Kathy Burden, Diane Grumbach, Jessica Hatczel, Norm Mieczkowski, Daniel Miller, Vicki Murphy, Su Nimon, Joss Parker, Jan Peyser, Rocco Pisto, Lou Ratliff, Becky Slonaker, Lynn Spaulding, Rona Stelzer and David Yarnall.

MARCIA EVANS GALLERY, 8 East Lincoln St, 614-298-8847. T-Sat 11-5. JAN: After Holiday Sale in collaboration with the district sales organized by Short North Alliance. Sale items include select pieces of art, hand made scarves, select jewelry, and hand-blown glass. FEB: My Funny Valentine, a group show. Visit to learn more.

*OHIO CRAFT MUSEUM, 1665 W. 5th Ave., 614-486-4402. M-F 10-5, Sat-Sun 1-4. Art Studio Clearance Sale: t’s NOT a “starving artist” sale! 150 Ohio Designer Craftsmen artists, including some of your Winterfair favorites, offering new work, discontinued designs, overstock and slightly imperfect items at reduced prices. Lausche Building at Ohio Expo Center, JAN 24-25, Sat. 10 am–5 pm; Sun. 11 am–4 pm. Beyond Materials: Pushing the Boundaries of Basketry FEB 1 – MAR 22: Showcasing the work of six international contemporary basketmakers, focusng on the work of renowned artist Dorothy Gill Barnes. Combining traditional techniques with modern materials and form, the powerful result will stretch the limits of how we define basketry. Opening Reception: Feb. 1, 1–4 p.m. Gallery talk with Dorothy Gill Barnes at 3 p.m. AND FOCUS EXHIBITION: Offerings from the Southwest: Contemporary jewelry selected by curator Ruth Lantz during her travels to the region. Visit

*OHIO ARTS COUNCIL’S RIFFE GALLERY, State and High Downtown, 614-644-9624. T 10-4, W,F 10-5:30, Th 10-8, Sat - Sun 12-4. JAN 29 - APR 12: In a tribute to the Ohio Arts Council's (OAC) 50th
anniversary, OAC's Riffe Gallery kicks off 2015 with a milestone exhibition: A Century of Ohio Watercolor, Produced by the Southern Ohio Museum, Portsmouth (SOM) and curated by SOM Artistic Director Charlotte Gordon, the exhibition will span the years 1915-2015 and showcase over 45 Ohio artists working in the versatile medium of watercolor. Artists include August Biehle, Emerson Burkhardt, Clarence Carter, Earl Jack, Cody Heichel, Alice Schille, and many more.

PALNIK STUDIOS, 14 E Lincoln St, 614-298-8496. T-Sun 12:30-5. The Clown and The Sage/The Cartoon Art of Paul Palnik. The fine art of the cartoon. Palnik delightfully reveals the profound and the
absurd. Paul Palnik’s graphics, prints, and original drawings.

PIZZUTI COLLECTION, 632 N. Park St., 614-280-4004. Hrs: F-Sat 11-5. NOW-ism: Abstraction Today (Ends June 20, 2015) exhibition of 21st century painting, sculpture, video and furnishings featuring international emerging stars like Sarah Cain, Diana Al-Hadid and Florian Meisenberg and established artists including Columbus’ own art star Ann Hamilton, Jim Hodges, Miami-based Teresita Fernández, Jason Middlebrook, Carrie Moyer and Pia Fries. More than 100 works spanning all three floors of the space. Ori Gersht: Portraits is a film series by the highly acclaimed Israeli-born, London-based artist. Fall 2014, a series of three video portraits will be on view, each connecting moments of quiet contemplation with difficult histories and anguished realties. Ron and Ann Pizzuti have collected Ori Gersht’s work in depth over the last decade, but this focused show concentrates attention on only three films (each nearly 15 minutes in length). The Pizzuti Collection is a non-profit exhibition space dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art from the collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti. Visit:

PM GALLERY, 1190 N High St, 614-299-0860. Hours: T-Wed 11-6, Th-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-5. JAN: Autumn Leaves (And Returns Again). New landscapes and abstract paintings by Michael G. Secrest, a graduate of OSU in Fine Arts and a co-owner of pm gallery. His work is heavily influenced by the transitional season of autumn. The color palette of reds and oranges is saturated and ephemeral. He is also influenced by the tropical palette of Florida, which is more unchanging but sometimes harsh and brutal. FEB: Love-ish featuring works of gallery artists. Visit

RIVET GALLERY, 1200 N. High St., 614-294-8697. T-Sat 12-7; Sun 12-5. JAN: I Am Doll Parts group exhibition featuring the elaborate paper doll artistry of Angie Mason (New Jersey), Crankbunny (Atlanta) and Mab Graves (Indianapolis). FEB: Be My Valentine Group Exhibition: Second annual show channeling the days of Valentine greetings being handed out at elementary school, the nervousness of silly little crushes and fears of past. This is a modern-day twist on the little Valentine squares. Roland Tamayo (Glendale, CA), Johnny Yanok (Akron, OH), Renee Lawter (Los Angeles, CA), Jeannie Lynn Paske (Portland, OR), Sharon Dorsey (Columbus), Nathan Jurevicius (Toronto), Jason Mowry (Columbus), Tim Lee (Raleigh, NC), Andrea Kang (Providence, RI), Mizna Wada (Tokyo), Monster Steve (OH). Visit to read more about the artists

ROY G BIV GALLERY for Emerging Artists, a non-profit gallery located at 997 N High, 614-297-7694. W-F 3-6, Sat 1-5. JAN: Work of Nathan Gorgen and Jordin Caudill. An artists’ talk on Sat., Jan. 31 at 2:30 p.m. FEB: Work of Liz Roberts and Elena Harvey Collins. Artists’ talk on Sat., Feb. 28, at 2:30 p.m. As always, admission is free and open to the public. Visit

SEAN CHRISTOPHER GALLERY OHIO, 815 N High St, Ste H&N, 614-291-5890. 1st Sat. 6-10. Reg. Hrs: Sat 1:30-3:30, W-F 3:30-5:30, and M-Sun by appt. JAN: Kim Webb’s sculptural installation, ditched. Webb, a CCAD grad, is gallery manager at Fresh A.I.R. Gallery. She will be guest juror for the 4th Annual FEB: Young Hearts 4 (an all-CCAD student juried show) February 7-28. She has been selected for a prestigious artist residency in Spain for 2015 supported in part with a grant from GCAC. Show hours include Gallery Hops from 6-10pm.

SHARON WEISS GALLERY, 20 E Lincoln St, 614-291-5683 or 614-252-5137. Open Th 12-4, F-Sat 12-5, Sun 1-4. JAN 1-12: Latest Works by Paul Emory. A two-time OAC Fellowship recipient, Paul Emory
exhibits landscapes and intriguing narratives, which explore the relationships between animals, people, and the environments they occupy. JAN 16-31: Malcolm Barroway: A joint exhibition of all new paintings to be hung at the OSU Faculty Club and the Sharon Weiss Gallery runs Jan. 12 - Feb. 27, 2015 (only through Jan 31 at the Weiss Gallery). FEB: Steven Walker’s new works on paper. Opening reception on Fri., Feb. 6 from 6-8p. Visit

Untitled painting by Laine Bachman
at Sherrie Gallerie ©

SHERRIE GALLERIE, 694 N High St, 614-221-8580. T-F 11-6; Sat 11-5; Sun 1-5. JAN/FEB: Opening Sun., Jan. 11, 1-4: Laine Bachman, The Nature of Things, acrylic and watercolor paintings. Visit

SHORT NORTH TAVERN, 674 N High St, 614-221-2432. JAN: Shanna Harrell’s photography. FEB: Katie Holfacker.

STONE VILLAGE CHURCH GALLERY, 139 E. 2nd Ave, 614-579-5493. JAN/FEB: Bring Forth, a new exhibition by local artist Maggie.

STUDIOS ON HIGH, 686 N High St, 614-461-6487. Daily 12-6, Sun 1-6. JAN: Features artist Bill Meyer's show, Selling In vs. Selling Out. Through his clay sculptures and graphite drawings, Meyer’s works explore human motivation - the internal and external factors that create drive and inspiration. FEB: Precious Love: Featuring jewelry artists Carole Bucklew and Mikelle Hickman-Romine for a love-themed exhibition. Carole uses precious metals and semi-precious stones in her contemporary jewelry. Her treatment of metal features intricate patterns, gleaming pearls, and unique shapes. Mikelle's work, made with hand-sewn glass seed beads and gems, blossoms with the beauties of nature and drips with glittering gems. Express your love for your special someone with an artistic memento this month. Visit

TERRA GALLERY, 861 N. High St., 614-228-4188. M-Sat 12-6p. JAN/FEB: Eclectic Salon Show in new permanent Short North location at the Green Olive Company, 861 N. High. Also opening a second permanent gallery located in downtown Old Dublin February 2015. Visit


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