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May/June 2016

Noise, by Zach Van Horn at Haiku Poetic Food & Art through May

BRANDT-ROBERTS GALLERIES, 642 N. High St., 614-223-1655. Hours: T-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-4. MAY/JUN: Avenues and Alleyways: New Works by Curt Butler and Cody Heichel. Both artists approach urban environment in their preferred mediums: for Butler, oil and encaustic, while Heichel prefers watercolor. After receiving a BFA from Kent State University and Savannah College of Art and Design, Butler relocated to North Carolina. Primarily a landscape painter, Butler chooses to represent the memory of a place. By painting the recollection of a setting, Butler’s paintings seem familiar while their source remains unknown. Columbus-based watercolorist Cody Heichel uses bold colors and high-contrast tonality to create atmospheric interpretations of daily, recognizable scenery. Mysterious figures often occupy the focal point of each composition, and it is through their individual appearance and body language, as well as the language of their surroundings, that the story of each scene unfolds. Opening reception on May 13 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. and will be on view through June 19. Visit

*COLUMBUS MUSEUM OF ART, 480 E. Broad St., 614-221-6801. Regular Hours: T-W, Th 10-8:30, F 10-5, S-S 10-5:30. Art 360° (ends AUG 14). Organized by Charles Bluestone, Art 360° features a survey of some of the best artists in our state. Each artist transformed an ostrich egg into a work of great beauty that references art history such as the Imperial Easter eggs crafted by Peter Carl Fabregé or beeswax-decorated Ukrainian pysanky eggs. For more information visit Spin Art (ends AUG 21) Spin Art features vinyl record album cover designs showing how the crossover between music and visual arts can inspire creative innovation. Selected covers define the visual identity of a musician, record label, or musical genre. Also included are covers that are the result of close collaboration between graphic designer and musician. The exhibition showcases albums by musicians including Pink Floyd, Funkadelic, Run the Jewels, and Sonic Youth, to name just a few. And designs by Andy Warhol, Roger Dean, Winston Smith, Gerhard Richter, and many more artists. Picasso: The Great War, Experimentation, and Change (JUN 10 – SEPT 11) examines the dramatic fluctuations in Picasso’s style during the period surrounding the WWI from 1912 to 1924. The show brings together some 50 works from major American and European museums and private collections, including paintings, drawings, watercolors, and costumes designed for the avant-garde ballet, Parade; and pieces by his friends and contemporaries. The exhibition looks closely at the strange ambivalence characterizing his wartime production, exploring it in connection with changes to his personal life, with his misgivings about cubism, and with the political meanings ascribed to cubism during the war.

CREATIVE PLUG, THE, 1253 N. High St. Art and event space/boutique. Artists transform the walls with public art each month during Look Out Graffiti Jam. Current featured artist are Ryan Art, Ketchup, Zaky B, Keymo Beats, Joel Cross, Dmel, Brisues Sato.

HAIKU POETIC FOOD & ART, 800 N High St, 614-294-8168. MAY: Zach Van Horn paintings: Artist Statement: “My work looks to explore how technology has changed how we view and interpret information. It is more likely for someone to experience a work of art on a computer screen instead of in person. Because of this, the viewer’s experience of the art isn’t the original piece but a digitally altered version of the art where, through translation, information and details are lost. I use a collage technique in my paintings to distort, flatten, and hide details in the painting to create images that look similar to that of a computer glitch. The glitch itself represents the awareness of the digital mediums I use for references. Van Horn graduated from OSU in 2013. This fall, he will attend The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and pursue his MFA in painting.” JUN: Concurrence: New work by Holly Leonard featuring multi-layered and texturally dense oil paintings that describe the
visual complexities of the natural world.

HAMMOND HARKINS GALLERIES, 641 N. High St. 614-238-3000. Gallery Hours: T-Sat 10-6, Sun 1-5. MAY 6 - JUN 12: 6 PLUS 1: Previously unseen works by Dennison Griffith and Aminah Robinson as well as new works by Mark Bush, Sarah Fairchild, Linda Gall, Andrea Myers, and the “plus one” and featured guest artist Laura Bidwa. Artist talk with Laura Bidwa on Sun., June 12 at 2pm. Please RSVP for Artist Talk by Wed., June 8 at or at (614) 238-3000. Visit

JOSEPH EDITIONS, 17 W. Russell St., 614-280-4223. Hours: T-F 12-6p, Sat 12-5p. MAY/JUN: Laura Sanders' In Our Nature. Artist Statement: “The girls in my paintings are an uneasy mix of potential victim, pernicious consumer and reminiscences of the traditional feminine personification of nature. Joining the genres of figurative and landscape painting, I see the figure as both natural and invasive to the landscape. The human body, defined and distorted by sun, water, firelight and the surrounding environment, coexists with the glare of manmade materials littering the natural world. I paint directly, wet on wet, using the materiality of the paint to sculpt flesh and bones, flora and fauna.” Visit

JUNG ASSOCIATION GALLERY, 59 W 3rd Ave., 614-291-8050. T-Sat 11-2 (call first) or appt. Through JUN 25: Meditations in the Underbelly: photographs found while crawling on my stomach: Photographing on her back, on her stomach and even twisted like a pretzel, Sydney Schardt searches for individuality through a sense of experimentation with her hyper-macro images. Presented as conjoined diptychs, her images blur the edges of realism and abstraction, bringing the small, ordinary, into larger, fuller view, and realizing connection and collaboration through the pairings. Reception on Sat., May 14 from 12:30-2:30p. Visit

LINDSAY GALLERY, 986 N High St, 614-291-1973. W-Sat 12-6, appt. MAY/JUNE: Dual Nature: featuring new works in vintage linoleum by collage artist Bill Miller. Miller’s images range from bucolic landscapes to surrealistic, fiercely political pieces that draw on iconic news and pop culture images that have informed society’s common memory. Born in Cleveland, Miller currently lives outside of Woodstock, New York. In addition to several shows at Lindsay Gallery his work has been shown in Chicago, New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC and in Europe. Visit

MARCIA EVANS GALLERY, 8 East Lincoln St, 614-298-8847. T-Sat 11-5, occasional Sundays and by appointment. MAY: Annette Poitau’s new paintings. JUN-AUG: Summer Show of Abstracts: 12 abstract artists represented by and new to the gallery. The summer show is ongoing with alternating art. Opening Fri., JUN 3, 5:30-8:30p.

*OHIO CRAFT MUSEUM, 1665 W. 5th Ave., 614-486-4402. M-F 10-5, Sat-Sun 1-4. MAY 1 - JUN 19: Best of 2016 - 33rd annual juried exhibition showcasing works in clay, glass, fiber, wood, metal and mixed media by Ohio Designer Craftsmen artists. Visit

*OHIO ARTS COUNCIL’S RIFFE GALLERY, State and High Downtown, 614-644-9624. M - W and F 10-6, Th 10-8, Sat 11-4, closed Sun. May 12 - July 16: Material Pulses: 8 Viewpoints: Excellence in Machine Quilting & Surface Design featuring eight international artists from the Midwest to the Southwest, Canada to the United Kingdom (UK). These artists investigate color, pattern, and size through traditional and experimental quilt-making applications. Mary Lou Alexander (Hubbard, OH), Claire Benn (Betchworth, Surrey, UK), Elizabeth Brandt (Holland, MI), Chris Mauersberger (Cleveland, OH), Jan Myers-Newbury (Pittsburgh, PA), Denise Roberts (Albright, WV), Jayne Willoughby (Edmonton, Alberta, CAN), Barb Wills (Prescott, AZ). EVENTS: Material Pulses Opening Reception (May 12); Free Artist Demonstration: Piecing Pattern (May 13); Curator's Tour with Nancy Crow (May 13); Free Artist Demonstration: Piecing Pattern (May 18); Free Family Workshop: Fiber Collage (May 21).

PIZZUTI COLLECTION, 632 N. Park St., 614-280-4004. Hrs: F-Sat 11-5. Robert Buck: States of America (Thru JUL 30, 2016) Solo exhibition spanning the entire career of the artist who began as Robert Beck and continued under his changed name of Buck. Drawings, sculpture, video and installation work reflect the artist’s sensitive investigations into how we respond to the diverse social and cultural challenges today. Patricia Dominguez: Eres un Princeso (JUN -SEPT) Chilean artist Patricia Dominguez’ large-scale video installation investigates the meanings invested in Spanish horses once owned by Colombian drug lords. The rich and compelling installation tackles the relationship between contemporary culture, humans, and nature. Her piece explores these animals as powerful possessions and remnants of a colonial past; not only do the horses take on a quasi-mythical status thanks to their associations with criminal culture, they are celebrated for their otherness as animals that differ due to gait and style of presentation. The Pizzuti Collection is a non-profit exhibition space presenting contemporary art from the collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti. Visit:

PM GALLERY, 1190 N High St, 614-299-0860. Hours: T-Wed 11-6, Th-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-5. MAY/JUN: Hummers, photographs by Richard Northrup, along with work from artists Stephanie Parnes and Katherine Woods.The pm gallery offers work of over 300 North American artisans and artists: Blown glass, pottery for daily use or decoration, jewelry, kaleidoscopes, wooden boxes and cutting boards, bell, chimes, outdoor whimsies – all made by hand in the U.S. or Canada. Visit

RIVET GALLERY, 1200 N. High St., 614-294-8697. T-Sat 12-7; Sun 12-5. MAY: Oh, Jeepers! - The Art of Eric Blair. “I’m equal parts b-movie, punk rock, Looney Tunes, and Leave it to Beaver. I gravitate toward spooky things, but run them through the lens of a simpler time.” JUN: Unceremonious Numbers featuring the art of Adam Brouillette. Paintings with cartoon characters, narrative in nature, that rely heavily on cultural influences to tell their story. This show will be a celebration of Rivet's 9th anniversary and Brouillette's 36th birthday, hence Unceremonious Numbers.

ROY G BIV GALLERY for Emerging Artists, a non-profit gallery located at 997 N High, 614-297-7694. W-F 3-6, Sat 1-5. Founded in 1989, ROY G BIV is known for showcasing innovative contemporary art by emerging artists from around the world. MAY: Jeremy Plunkett will exhibit paintings and prints from his series Receptacle, which finds beauty in everyday plastic grocery bags. Using these bags on a regular basis, he became interested in the way they catch, diffuse and bend light. Plunkett renders these bags in the dramatic light and shadow reminiscent of Baroque paintings. The artist aims to cast new light on these familiar objects and to trigger reflection on their mass use and wastefulness. Elise P. Church will exhibit photo collages, paintings and an installation of photo fragments. To capture her nostalgia for the 1960s, she works with discarded and forgotten materials, such as scraps of kitchen wallpaper or old family photos. She uses old photos as reference for her paintings, and carefully mimics the subtle, desaturated tones of the analog age of photography. Salvaging and recycling the printed photograph in a digital world is important for the artist because, she writes, “nothing feels permanent anymore.” Church’s work recaptures the elusive “lost presence” of a past time. Artists talk Sat., May 28 at 2:30. JUN: Heather Kaplan and Ryan Kelly. Visit

SEAN CHRISTOPHER GALLERY OHIO, 815 N High St, Ste H&N, 614-327-1344. 1st Sat. 6-10. Reg. Hrs: Sat 1:30-3:30, W-F 3:30-5:30, and M-Sun by appt. MAY/JUN: Selections, recent paintings by Chris Taylor. Taylor received his MFA in painting from OSU and his BFA in painting from SUNY Purchase. He is a senior lecturer in the Dept. of Art at the Newark OSU campus. Reception June 4 Gallery Hop, 6-10pm.

SHARON WEISS GALLERY, 20 E Lincoln St, 614-291-5683 or 614-252-5137. Open Th 12-4, F-Sat 12-5, Sun 1-4. MAY: New Works by Amanda Hope Cook featuring her latest paintings depicting Columbus-area neon signage. JUN: Salon Show of new works by gallery artists. Visit

SHERRIE GALLERIE, 694 N High St, 614-221-8580. T-F 11-6; Sat 11-5; Sun 1-5. MAY: Master craftsman and accomplished artist Ron Isaacs fills the gallery with exquisite and graceful compositions made entirely from acrylic on birch plywood. JUN: Melinda Rosenberg’s wooden sculptures. Visit

SHORT NORTH TAVERN, 674 N High St, 614-221-2432. MAY: Donna Estepp mixed media. JUN: Kate Wightman

STONE VILLAGE CHURCH GALLERY, 139 E. Second Ave., 614-579-5493. MAY: Our Colorful Lands, recent works by Chris Rankin. His works are stylized landscapes representational of the beautiful rolling fields that surround our region. Chris paints using the ancient medium of pigmented beeswax to create his vibrant scenes. The beeswax has a beautiful luminosity to it that begs to be touched (but don’t you dare).

STUDIOS ON HIGH, 686 N High St, 614-461-6487. Daily 12-6, Sun 1-6. MAY: Crafting Romance by Laura Jenkins Gorun and Mikelle Hickman-Romine. JUN: Meditative Landscapes by Teda Theis. JUL: Seeking Balance: Regeneration Through Art by Marty Husted and Jeanie Auseon Visit

Edith Head & Company: Costumes and Jewelry 1924-2015 is showing at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio in Lancaster May 21 through August 14. Visit for details


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