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Bratich Brilliance
Party Supply Store Sparkles with Surprises
By Margaret Marten
September/October 2016 Issue

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Brainy Olivera Bratich has come up with another brilliant idea after successfully establishing her Wholly Craft operation that continues in Clintonville after 11 years offering delightful, quality handmade goods from over 200 crafters and artists.

Her newest concept, Surprise!, a shop selling modern party and cocktail goods, opened in August at 941 N. High St. between the Northstar Cafe and Paradise Garage. Everything from confetti, cards, and cupcake kits to balloons, barware and handmade giftwrap. What sets the shop’s inventory apart from run-of-the-mill party goods at Target is difficult to describe– extensive and unique, some of it costly but worthwhile considering the objective of a true and serious host: to give guests an unforgettable experience. A party well-planned and carefully designed with fun, fabulous, and elegant accessories makes a statement that the event is significant and the guests are important.

Without the help of a creative, skilled supplier, tracking down everything necessary for the perfect party – traveling from one end of town to the other or scrolling page after page on the Internet, let alone coming up with something unusual and sophisticated – most often becomes a mission unaccomplished. Not now. Not with Bratich’s ingenious inventory drawn from her years of experience focusing on craft and creativity – and doing things a bit different.

Giving a party is just that, a gift, an act of generosity, a gesture of love. A store like Surprise! provides a place to explore party possibilities and to expand your host horizons.

Surprise! Modern Party and Cocktail Goods is located at 941 N. High St. in the Short North. Call 614-369-1600 for hours or visit Facebook and their website at

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